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Sunday, January 26th, 2003
3:55 pm - Hello, and a question

I'd like to make sure my participation here is Ok with everyone.

I'm a fiction reader, not a writer. I read a lot, usually genre since I like narrative as a component of my reading. When I read something, I enjoy thinking about why it worked or didn't, and what I liked and didn't like about it. But I don't write fiction myself.

I do have some writing I want to do, though; it's a non-fiction book on creating original Celtic art, with an emphasis on digital techniques. I think being in a writing group would help me work on this, though since it's not fiction, I'm not sure whether the rest of you are amenable to this. I would put it under cuts, so you wouldn't have to wade through it unwarned!

So... opinions, please! I quite understand if you want to keep this fiction-only, so do let me know!

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3:14 pm

Was just about to post what I wrote last night, but it appears that the community is visible to everyone, including non-LJ people. Is that the way this is supposed to be set up?

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